November 10, 2011.

Wait, let me back up. June 2011.

Matt sends me an email with the subject, “OPEN OUR FUTURE”, and it was a press release discussing how Sweden bought a bunch of helicopters from Sikorsky. Blackhawks. The first European country to acquire Blackhawks. The helicopter Matt knows everything about.

Sweden – my “motherland”. Blackhawks – Matt’s specialty. Match made in heaven.

Did we really think something was going to come of it?Even though they said the deal was being expedited? That people from Sikorsky would be in Sweden by the end of 2011, and that we could be those people? It was a long shot.

Gorgeous. Swedish UH-60. Source: Sikorsky.com

Long story short:

Matt found out the name of the guy hiring, contacted him and expressed his interest in the opportunity. Still a long shot, but we (and by “we”, I mean Matt) put it out there.

November 9, 2011 – Purchased a teak dining table and matching chairs. $500 for the most beautiful Danish dining set I’ve ever seen, and it’s probably worth more than $1,000 in these parts. You see, we needed a real dining table because his parents and brothers were coming for Thanksgiving. I always wanted a Danish teak set I could never afford. My heart, she sang. Of course, never fall in love with something too good to be true…

I love table.

…because you might end up going to the mecca of design anyway, Scandinavia.

Anyway, the very next day, Matt received a call asking him to go to Sweden. They want him!

Since that call, it’s been days and days of back and forth, are we or aren’t we going, questions, negotiations, etc. And it continues today, for yet another weekend. The frustrating thing, is that no one is communicating with Matt…and on a higher level, it seems there is a lack of seriously needed communication within the company itself.

But, starting now, I want to chronicle our journey (hopefully) to Sweden. This is one of the most exciting things I could ever dream of happening and, without a doubt, there is no one more appreciative of this opportunity than me.

You ready for a ride? Buckle up and hold on tight…


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