Painting Trim.

We bought our house in Virginia in August 2010. It was a short sale and a 6 month battle with the banks, previous homeowners, and realtors, but we managed to actually buy it and move in. The previous homeowners left us a very dirty house that also hasn’t been updated since 1981 – when it was built. It’s been 16 months of cleaning, updating, and struggling to make this house into something people want to be in.

We’ve: replaced all carpet, painted every room (to include a ton of wood paneling), replaced every mismatched light socket/light switch/plate, replaced all gold door knobs with silver ones, finished off the basement completely, put up crown molding, and…as of last week, had both bathrooms’ 1980’s rotting tile completely replaced with sparkling new white subway tile.

However, none of that will look completely finished and perfect until we finish repainting the “bisque”-colored trim, doors, and ceilings throughout the entire house. Today, I am painting trim and it is hard. Miserable, in fact. But, it must be done, because we plan on renting out this house and one cannot do that with the trim in the condition that it is in.

Don’t be surprised if, after one more room, we end up paying a professional to do the rest of the entire house. We DIY like champs…but this may be where we paint draw the line…


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