We’re Going to Sweden!

After some serious concern at the 11th hour (literally, only 3 days ago) that Matt wouldn’t be able to go to Sweden, everyone was able to work it out and he will be on his way in the beginning of January!

You see, one of his bosses didn’t want him to go, either because he wanted Matt around (who doesn’t?), and/or didn’t think this would be as good a job venture as something that he might offer in the future (he suggested a spot at Ft. Hood… We’ll take Sweden at less money, thanks). At the last-minute, the boss-man decided to put a 45-day hold on Matt and the excuse was so that they could fill his position. This hold would negate Matt’s opportunity in Sweden because the contract says the new team must come in tact…and that includes the Maintenance Support Manager (aka, the second in charge of the whole shebam). So, the big wigs of Sikorsky had to hastily meet and figure it out, and luckily the 45-day hold was overruled.

This is why I continuously hesitated telling people; problems arise in the last-minute and this dream come true could have stayed just a dream after all. And that would be sad.

Needless to say, the world will have never seen a smile so big as the one I’m going to have when I first glimpse Sweden. Those big goofy Americans standing on the street corner in Linköping fumbling over the 27 syllable words? Us.



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