Housing Acquired

Oh my gosh, y’all. We’re moving to Sweden! Have I mentioned that yet?

Well, obviously not for like…a month. But neither here nor there, the updates are coming, the pictures are coming, and very shortly…this girl is going across the pond and up to her home near the arctic circle.

My dear, sweet, wonderful husband has secured us a home. The fashion in which we searched for apartments was the exact opposite of House Hunters International (our favorite show, btw). See, we looked from afar (instead of actually being there), and we couldn’t find a damn thing wrong with anything in any cheap apartment we saw. Why? BECAUSE IT’S IN SWEDEN. I’d take a shoebox just to live there. No complaints over not having an “American fridge” (#firstworldfakeproblem), no complaints over wall colors/size of rooms/level it’s on/whatever. I was excited for every place I saw, and Matt just likes a happy Katie.

Anyway, the man suggested we live in a rural-ish area with the MOST Scandinavian name possible: Vikingstad. I was game, there was a small train station there that went right to the center of Linköping, like 15 minutes away. I mean, I did want to live in town…but again, Sweden was the requirement and I figured the folks at home would get a kick out writing Vikingstad on Christmas cards.

Then, by the glory and grace of a God with a great sense of humor, Matt went across the street from his hotel (which is located literally on the medieval town square, aka the center of downtown). Anyway, across the cobblestone street is this brand spanking new apartment building. His coworkers were checking the place out, so he tagged along…and he ended up liking a unit. As he went back to take pictures of said unit, to send along to me (again, no pictures needed for my dream European downtown apartment, just let’s move in already), the lovely woman helping him out mentioned a penthouse that had just become available.

See, this professional hockey player was being traded to Russia, and had to move out. No one can really afford to buy that place, so it was up for rent now.  AS IF we could even dream of taking over the place for him *cue sarcastic laugh here*

Well folks, Matt considered it, then his company approved it. So now, we will be the proud caretakers of a 3 bedroom  luxury apartment on top of the skyline of Linköping, Sweden. I mean, seriously, SERIOUSLY, is this for real? It has a balcony with views of both big, unfathomably old churches because, ha, they’re both only like a block away.

It's bigger than our current house in Virginia

And yes, Bastu means Sauna and that’s included in the place. I know you were wondering and you can pick your jaw up off the floor now. I know, right? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

This reminds of the Swedish word Lagom, meaning not too much, not too little, just enough. Kind of quintessentially Swedish, and how I have found that I feel about life in general… Yeah, this place is in NO WAY lagom. This place is SO AMERICAN. Slash, omg I feel guilty because I’m so excited. I can’t even tell you how many dinner parties I’m going to have just to enjoy it with as many people as possible.

View from balcony. That's the big "shursh" from the video in the previous post.

That’s the update tonight kids. There is SO much more, but I’ll tell you later. Housing is taken care of, so about 5 out of 75,000,000 lbs have been lifted off our shoulders.


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