I’ve put in my 2 week notice at work, and am in the middle of the end, so to speak. I ride the chartered commuter bus to work every day, and every day is not without reminders of why I am so happy to stop doing this work/commute song and dance.

For instance, take today’s thoughts during the morning commute:

  • Man, that guy has a HUGE umbrella and it’s only sprinkling. I bet his lack of intelligence is directly proportional to the size of this umbrella.

    Too much umbrella.

  • Why is the bus late everyday?
  • No one will move their crap on the seat next to them even though I’m asking for a place to sit and have now reached the back of the bus.
  • Why am I always forced to sit next to people who like to take up 1.5 seats? Also, stop touching me with your leg/bag/hand/arm/eyeballs creepy DUDE.
  • It’s 40 degrees out, why is the air conditioning on?

And, thoughts while listening to the Radio Sweden android app:

  • Dolly Parton circa 1976?
  • Michael Jackson circa 1991?
  • Rihanna circa 2008?
  • Madonna circa 1988?
  • P!nk circa 2011?

Awesome! Our kids our going to grow up with musical diversity! Those Swedes are NOT kidding when the call their station MIX Megapol. Emphasis on the mix, for sure.

You see, the DC area is in serious need of better radio stations, better musical taste, and way, WAY more variety. I love Katy Perry and Jay-Z as much as the next 20-something year old, but for real…play something else. Oh, and Snoop sings more than JUST California Love, btw, but every Friday I still get excited when I hear it.

I wanted to do a post of everything I absolutely freakin’ hate won’t miss about this area, but I’ll just leave it at this:

I’m very, very, very, thankful to be leaving here.

For me, it is soul-sucking and miserable. I’m not sure how people live here happily or accept the quality of life here – especially if they’ve travelled anywhere else, ever. The sunrises and sunsets are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, I will miss the bit of family I have here, and Matt’s former co-workers are the most wonderful people I’ve ever met, but other than that…good riddance.

So, I will end this post with the most wonderful quote I’ve ever come across, from The Awl –  State Slogans: Ranked and Saluted:

38. Virginia—”Virginia is for Lovers”  North Virginia, however, is for motherfuckers.


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