Two Months

Två Månader

en Svenska.

This family, as a whole, has been in Sweden for two months now. Today is April 20th and it is currently zero degrees and snowing! Not so much unlike our first days here in February. I know in my last post, Complaining Katie sounded bummed out with this weather (and everything else, oops), but really it’s not that bad. When the sun does come out, I literally feel like running around in circles like a crazy person, waving my arms and spinning while staring at the sun. With random bursts of energy and happiness like that, I can’t complain much. The sun here is awesome and the sky never ceases to amaze me with its beauty (see instagram), and I know think spring is eventually coming (right?! right?!). I actually feel more lucky to vicariously experience spring through friends’ various social media pictures, and then get it in person here later on! Lots of blooming trees for the win!

Spring is on its way

In the past two months, we’ve:

  • Obtained all necessary Swedish identification: biometrics cards, personnummers, ID card. (I’ll do a quick follow-up post about getting that ID card)

Also important: Ikea Family Card.

  • Taken our first real vacation! Matt nor I have ever been on a vacation in which we go somewhere new, for fun, and not to see family/friends/a wedding.

Bamburgh Castle!

  • Found a fantastic woman to watch our dogs. She has even taken the time to help me understand what Pete needs from a “Mom” and taught me different ways to keep him calm and behave on walks. Lolo = miracle worker.

Pete being silly

  • Witnessed only one blooming tulip plant, and lots of almost-ready-to-bloom tulips. I’m excited for those.

  • Gone to two castles!



Heard from Navy Fed that they have entered the new millennium by finally allowing their check cards to be used like debit cards (4 cards for a checking/savings account was really weird). This means we can put in a pin when buying things with a card now, and we don’t take up and extra 10 minutes to explain we don’t have pin codes/show our passports/confuse people who don’t speak english. Shopping is now exponentially easier and I shall be taking advantage of this! It also means little to no need for a Swedish bank account.

The past two months have been exciting. This reality of being in Sweden is still fresh and definitely hasn’t peaked yet. It’s been only momentarily frustrating with the minimal cultural differences. But, there are a few things I wish would’ve happened in the past couple months:

  • Visitors! I want our friends and family to visit NOW. It’s too exciting to not experience all of this with others!
  • Spring. It’s coming, I know! Summer promises to be fantastic, I know this. Each coming season, really, I’m looking forward to.
  • I haven’t practiced the language enough. I wish I was more confident and able to speak to people even if it’s in broken, simple Swedish.

It’s all good though, I have set myself a daily schedule that includes a lot more Rosetta Stone and we have at least 2 visitors lined up for the end of summer, so hopefully by the time they get here I can show off my Swedish 🙂 Goals.

Sorry if I came across a little snobby, myself, in the last post. I meant most of it with humor, while still being honest. A lot if has to do with navigating a crowded city area with two hyper dogs who try to eat everything off the streets and both launching in different directions at any given time (remedying that situation). I think dreary weather might have played into it, as well as that general feeling of being lost while getting into a new routine and lifestyle. All is good and happy in real life. Swedes have been very kind, helpful, and generous to us so there is nothing to complain about.

Well, maybe restaurant prices. But that’s it 😉


2 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. Great list! It took me a while to get into gear and get thhings done when I first arrived. Have you signed up to SFI now that you have your personnummer? Starting to practice the language is the biggest part, in my opinion. Good luck and it sounds like you are doing good!

    • I have the SFI form and will be turning it in soon. I heard rumor that the soonest class will be starting in August, so it might still be awhile before I get too far in the language. In the meantime, I need to dust off Rosetta Stone. These Swedes speak English too well!

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