Lately – In Pictures

Radio silence lately! There’s so much to update on/talk about/share… but, in the meantime, check out some of the sights around Linköping!

The Blackhawks did a little fly-by. I got a little (too) excited.


The first ridiculously hot day. I’ve never been so satisfied to get a sunburn.


My shadow is in the way, but those bottom teeth are my happiness. His is the sun.


We made sushi at home! Definitely too much rice, though.


Picked up some sweet candles at the ‘loppis’/flea market. Flickering skulls for the win!


Exploring spots to hike. 3 Americans + 3 dogs = circus.


Piper demonstrating her balance.


Pete demonstrating his balance.


I sort of just stare at the bark here, looks like a painting.


A cool graffitied house down a dirt road in Ljungsboro.


This apartment’s absolute best quality is the view of the sunrises/sunsets. Time to pay it forward…we got way too lucky.




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