I’ve moved!

…and I’m not sure how to properly reconcile this wordpress.com account.

Linköping with Love has moved to linkopingwithlove.com. It’s very own domain!

After spending a year creating a blog with its own domain name for grad school, I wanted the freedom to play more with this personal blog…and I wanted to add, create, and grow, in the ways that I already knew how. That included adding ads and analytics, not for the purposes of making money or anything, but for real world practice with these things.

And…now I can see that barely any of my family checks my blog. THANKS GUYS! Just kidding…

I want to write, edit, photograph, Photoshop, design, and just generally be creative in whatever ways I can. Find out what parts of it I truly love and continue to teach myself, learn, and grow. I’m an amateur, but this is what I want to do and what I have spent the last year in school doing.

It was hard to be comfortable with the free wordpress.com account. Admittedly, maybe that’s also because I just didn’t spend enough time trying to see what I could do with this account, but I’m impatient and impulsive sometimes. 🙂

Anyway, if you want, hop on over, see what’s new and stay in touch!

All photos by Katie Haverluk, 2012


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