I started this little blog when we found out we were moving to Sweden, but I’ve upgraded it over the years and I’m over at West Coast Abroad if you’d like to read about our expat life.


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  1. Katie! This is amazing!

    My name is Nelson Bonner. I’m the founder of @TweetWeekUSA, started January 18 (6 hours after @WeAreAustralia, darn them). First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for including us in your video. One of the first people I heard from when I got started was Israel Ulram in Mexico. I encouraged him to get @CuratorsMexico up and running and got him onto WordPress for his website. A few days later he informed me about your video (as you know; and BTW that’s my wife-squished face as the first @TweetWeekUSA avatar).

    I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to find out who made the video until today. I am in the final few pages of finishing my dissertation (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA) and, among many other things, I’m writing about @TweetWeekUSA and @Sweden and I mention your video and needed to cite it. So I went to YouTube and saw and clicked on the stellaswan link and then I saw the The Red Lens link and was blown away. My first thought was Wow, she’s in the nation’s capital, she’s in DC, she would be a great @TweetWeekUSA curator! Then I looked up @khaverluk22 and saw you are in Linköping and my heart sank (well, not totally) because I thought, Oh, she’s in _Sweden’s_ nation’s capital (didn’t occur to me at first that Linköping is not the capital of Sweden). Then I saw this blog and clicked over and realized that you are, indeed, and American. AND!!! — all the HUGELY more! — you are actually working at/with @Sweden!!!!

    So, here is my invitation: Will you PLEASE consider being curator for @TweetWeekUSA as soon as possible after this coming week? In other words, beginning any Sunday from March 18 on? (Next week we have an amazing curator, a bona fide candidate for POTUS! Bill Still — an internationally known monetary reformer — is running to head the Libertarian ticket.) We have curators scheduled already for the next five or six weeks, but the schedule can be adjusted to suit your availability. I now have 3 partner co-curators at @TweetWeekUSA and they are going to be so thrilled about this possibility!

    I’m assuming since you are in Linköping you have met Anna Åberg? In fact, I’m guessing that maybe you recruited her. Just a hunch.

    Please say hello to Tommy Sollen. I wrote to him early on to ask how @Sweden handled the tricky password vulnerability question. He declined to go into any detail so I kind of assumed maybe due to the scale of the project Twitter had made a secondary admin password available, but then I saw Cherin making jokes about hijacking the account, so I surmised that @Sweden has to trust its curators with the password each week just like the rest of us. Oh well. One of these days the #LocationCuration movement is going to be so big that Twitter will make admin passwords available. Rambling….

    Anyhow, I’ve got to get back to my dissert writing.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing back from you!

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